Aussie anybody?

I just bought Aussie Ride the Wave (it was 3 bucks a bottle, i couldn't help it), and i know the 'poo has a sulfate in it, but i wear product so i need it occasionally, BUT what do you think of aussie and if so, which ones work best? (I'm only 16, buying online isn't the easiest thing for me)
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Have no clue what i'm doing lol
Before i switched to Curls then Blended Beauty I used to use Aussie and still do from time to time.
I liked the moist range, but I think they may have changed the formular, I also liked the knot forget conditioner which I thought was really good.
Since it's not that exensive I'd say give the Aussie stuff a go
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Aussie is good stuff and it seems they've finally taken the cones out of their stuff. Their Tizz No Frizz is very popular (it may have been renamed) and was a winning combo with their Dual Gel+Water, which has also been renamed. Don't know what, I'm sorry, but there's a thread further down this page or a couple back on it.

Just keep your eye out for cyclopentisiloxane, which is the worst "cone" for your hair. It's very hard to remove from your hair. Some of Aussie's poos and conditioners had it in them, but they've taken it out now.
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