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britt_dancing_girl 07-11-2004 03:38 PM

A great kitchen remedy
I have recently used a great home remedy. It may sound silly but it worked. I read in a book to use olive oil. I tried it and added a little honey to it, left it in for approx. 15 min, then rinsed really well. After, you do not need to add a definer or anything. Just scrunch with your fingers. Now it does leave your hair a little greasy but if you add a bit of your fave shampoo it works like a charm. My curls have never looked so great. It's much cheaper and very helpful! Try it. I did and i loved it. Caution: Do not use this conditioning treatment more than 1 every two weeks. You don't need to use it more than that. It will keep your curls wonderful up to the next week or so, even through washes.

NaturallyJade 07-14-2004 10:15 AM

I use Olive oil and add a few other ingredients:
Meadowfoam oil
Olive oil
Essential oils
My hair loves it!

I use water, jojoba, and honey in a spray bottle and spray my hair a few times throughout the day. It work’s great for my hair.

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