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Second Day Hair

how many times has this happened to you: you wash your hair and style it to perfection. you go to sleep. you wake up the next morning and *EEEEKKK* your once beautiful curls have become a messy, unkempt frizzball! this happens to me pretty much every day!!! what is the best way to revitalize messy curls in the morning? i don't want to have to wash my hair in the morning!!!
3b. Tight, brown corkscrew ringlets; down to the middle of my back with sideswept bangs that I "straighten" by tucking behind my ear while drying.
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Yes, I understand your problem. I am 3-b, too. Since it's usually more convenient to wash at night, here's what I do. I wash, add styling products and let air dry as long as I can. Then I gently finger comb into a pineapple on top of my hair (pony tail in scrunchi) and sleep like that. The next morning, I spritz before taking out scrunchi and hair usually falls out ok. Certainly is a lot more convenient than getting up earlier to "do" my hair. HTH.

If anyone else has suggestions, please let us know!
thanks! the "pineapple" tip will really come in handy! i usually sleep with my hair down. that probably contributes to the "bed head." do all you curlies just spray with water or use some other styling product when you're doing your hair in the morning?
3b. Tight, brown corkscrew ringlets; down to the middle of my back with sideswept bangs that I "straighten" by tucking behind my ear while drying.
College freshman and hair product junkie. Not a good combo! haha!
For second day hair, I usually have to add a little water to smooth down frizzies. I just wet my fingers and rake them through my hair. Then I get a pea sized amount of Ouidad shine glaze serum in my hands, rub them together, and smooth it over my entire head. It does wonders for second day hair. It fixes frizzies and makes my hair shiny and healthy looking. One note: the stuff is super expensive, but lasts forever. Also, it is basically silicone, even if Ouidad does claim it to be water soluble.

Oh...and sometimes I use a small curling iron to repair individual curls that have become frazzled, but most days I'm unwilling to exert that much effort.
Tried the pineapple last night. I'm sold! :hyper:hyper.gif
I'm soooo glad it worked for you. I also rely on the pineapple to preserve my hair for better second day hair .
thanks for all of the tips! last night i slept with my hair in a "pineapple," and this morning i used a little spray bottle to lightly spritz my hair. then i used some paul mitchell sculpting foam. it worked pretty well. i think i'll try a gel tomorrow instead of the mousse.
3b. Tight, brown corkscrew ringlets; down to the middle of my back with sideswept bangs that I "straighten" by tucking behind my ear while drying.
College freshman and hair product junkie. Not a good combo! haha!
Whats a "pineapple"?
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Whats a "pineapple"?
Originally Posted by cjc
It's the way I "styled" my hair in the 80's (such a cool teen!)

To help with second day hair it's loosely pullng hair into a scrunchie on top of your head which should stop the curls getting so crushed.
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Pineapple doesn't work for me..I end up w/hair that looks like frankinstein's bride once I pull the scrunchie out.. :nono:nono1.gif
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment
I have really good second-day hair now that I have learned to manage it. Sometimes my hair even looks better the second day than on wash day.

The keys to good second-day hair:

1) Use good styling products if you use those- ones that discourage frizz, for instance.

2) Satin pillowcase! I cannot stress how important this is! A satin pillowcase makes a huge difference.

3) Wait. Give your hair some time to chill. Sometimes I wake up and it's sticking out in weird directions, but within half an hour it looks decent again.

4) Mist with water. You can revive second-day hair by misting with a little water. This really works and if you are using good products does not cause frizz.
I'll have to try the pineapple thing.

What I have been doing is to run warm water in the tub and just barely turn on the shower, then stick my head under the shower very briefly. (The misting bottle just doesn't seem to work as well for me--). Then it's not totally soaked, but not as dry as misting. Then I spray leave-in conditioner, etc., and either air dry or diffuse.
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The ponytail on top of my head creates pain when it comes down so I don't do that. I just flip my damp hair over a satin pillowcase and sleep like that. It works. If my hair's damp at night, it won't be dry by morning so I can diffuse for about thirty seconds and that's usually enough. Sometimes I have to mist it with water but I don't usually.
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I mist my hair with water in spray bottle and then use a bit of ouidad's krlykids spray gel or botanical mist or mister right (deva) and it looks ok--not as well defined as first day tho. sounds like pineapple is sort of like plopping which i am trying to do now. other question-has anyone used the jessicurl walk-around heating cap for deep conditioning? I will NOT sit under a bonnet hair dryer--***EDDABOUTIT!!!! lived thru enough of that crap when i was a teenager in the 60's....
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I have used the Jessicurl Microcap and it's great. There is a forum topic on it( Microcap - Does it work?). It came highly recommended by others and it's convenient. I'm not tied to the dryer. Above all, it feels great and improves my hair.
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