L'Oreal Supreme Care Conditioner

So last night I had a brilliant idea. The kind of brilliant idea that always lands you in trouble. I'd found a tube of the conditioner that comes in L'Oreal's Superior Preference haircolor (it's called "Supreme Care Conditioner") just lying around. I was curious, so I looked up the ingredients. 'Cone-free except for amodimethicone, which I know to be one of the 'cones a lot of curlies can use. I thought, "What the heck", and decided to use it after my co-wash.

So after my co-wash last night, I put this on the length of my hair (from the ears down), left it on for a couple of minutes, then rinsed it out. I thought as I rinsed, "Wow, my hair is sil-ky!" After I took my hair out of my towel a little while later, though, I knew I was in trouble. Hello, Frizz City. I had all kinds of crazy frizz going on. Canopy frizz, inner-curl frizz, you name it. I grabbed my gel and globbed some of it on, thinking it would help fix the frizz. That it did, but this morning I woke up to a new problem: my curls were now all kinds of stringy, and stringy is not good.

So. There ends my short-lived adventure with *that* idea. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to break my 1-month no-shampoo record in order to get this crap out of my hair tonight, but oh well. Live and learn, eh?

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I've never liked L'Oreal...although I'm considering trying LOOB.

Doesn't amodimethicone come out with cocobetaine? At least then you don't have to use sulfates.

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