BB oil moisturizer

Has anyone ever used this. how did it work.
BB Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion With Castor Oil...
Wow, this Hair Lotion is AHHMAZING! After washing my hair with Cantu Cream Shampoo I divided my hair into 8 sections and applied this lotion from roots to ends throughout each section to ensure even distribution. I then blow dried each section individually and the results- bouncy curls, shine and moisture, soft manageable hair. At night before bed I also section my hair into 8 sections and use bobby pins to wrap my curls and then put a silk scarf on. In the morning when I remove the scarf and bobby pins I style my hair and have bouncy long-gated curls. My hair type if 3C (thick, curly hair) and my hair always crave moisture- not any more. I would highly recommend this reasonably priced lotion to anyone with natural hair that craves moisture.
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Curly Simone
I visited the beauty supply store while I was leaving the mall today and I was looking at the different oils. I want to try them one at a time. I need to decide between carrot, grape seed n coconut. Which should I try first?

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I use to use that when I was relaxed. It was great. WAY better than Luster's Pink Lotion.

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Back before I was interested in caring for my hair (and in my frequent relaxing days) I used BB oil moisturizer and loved it. Before that I used Luster's pink oil. Compared to luster's it's so much less greasy and lighter weight, it smells awesome, and I remember my hair always felt soft and moisturized. My hair is a spoiled brat now, so I'm not sure how it would respond to it, but I think it's definitely worth a try.
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