HE Body Envy Gel

I love this gel -- it's cheap and it does the trick every time. But suddenly I can't find it anywhere. In fact, all I see is HE mousses, not gels. Has anyone else had this experience, or know that's up?
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I can always find it at wal-mart. Does it help you with frizz?
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I love this stuff; I can always find it at CVS.
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I bought this recently and am experimenting with it. How much do you guys use?
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I love this gel, too. I use it as a base and then spot finish with the GF XXL gel. That combo gives me a lot of volume.

I've had shanadair's problem as well, though: tons of HE mousses, hard to find gels. Haven't checked CVS lately, but if I find it there I'll stock up.
This is one of my HG's! Consistently good results now that I have figured out how much to use. My hair is about brastrap length and normal thickness and it takes about 2 to 3 dime sized amounts to give me good hair. I like to spray 3 squirts of Jessicurl's Gelebration spray into my hand and mix it into the HEBE. I get more curls that way.

By the way, I have seen this at Wal-green's or CVS more than at Wal-Mart. Hope that helps!
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Love this gel!

When I first used this, I just used a little (like about 2 half-dollar-sized blobs) let air dry, and I had mostly undefined waves with a couple of stringy ones.

However, I tried this again yesterday and got excellent results! I had to make a few modifications to the routine. First, instead of combing the hair back with condish just before rinsing out my Suave Aloe condish, I combed out the tangles, allowing my hair to go where it wanted, put in a little more condish, and rinsed lightly so that my hair was in natural sections. Then when my hair was dripping wet, I scrunched in liberal amounts of gel to each section (no raking). I used two T-shirts to scrunch out excess water and let air dry.

The results? Shiny, smooth ripples! The clumps were mostly medium, with a few small ones. For my long, one-length hair, more is more with this gel. Thank you Herbal Essences!
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
It took me ages to lay my hands on this gel, too. The mousse & poo/co were everywhere but never the gel. I was looking for it at Walgreens and Rite-Aid and Longs, no luck. Then I realized it was at a lot of the supermarkets, and I have seen it at Target. Weird that the drugstores carry the other stuff in the line but not the gel. Try your supermarket and good luck.
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I love this gel too. I bought it in bulk last time I purchased it! like 3 bottles. The only problem, it's started to flake on me. I don't know what's up with that. So for me, its only good for the first day- no 2nd day hair with this.
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I am loving this gel in the cooler weather. And I absolutely LOVE the smell. I do find that it's hit or miss as far as where I can find it. My Rite Aid has all the other HE products and the Body Envy poo/condish but not the gel. And my Walmart doesn't carry the BE gel either.
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I just went to TARGET the other day and found lots of it there as well. It only costs $2.49. I was shocked at the price was cheap, but you know they could give you more gel than what is in the tube.

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I love the gel to. It clumps really well. I have to get to a Wal Mart because in my area its $5.99.
Target here always has this gel.

I really love what it does to/for my hair, but it makes my scalp itch like crazy.

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I love the gel to. It clumps really well. I have to get to a Wal Mart because in my area its $5.99.
Originally Posted by curli
Wow, that is a lot for only about 7 ozs of gel, when this type of stuff is usually sold by the jar at 16 ozs for most manufacturers!! It burns me, but it is a good gel. I have just bought this for the first time and mixed it with some Biotera Styling Gel and got really good results with it. I had the best looking curls that I have ever had while in this in-between stage of hair growth.

Pretty much all three of them seem to be about the same....Body Envy, Set Me Up, and the Totally Twisted one.

I sure hope it does not make my scalp itch. It already does that enough.

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Obviously, HEBE is a popular gel, but is it ok to use if you're going CG?

Right now I'm starting a 'loo poo routine, but I'm looking for good gels that are 'cone-free.

Hopefully, someone knows if HEBE is good for my hair
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^Good news, you can use this gel as it's easily washed out with water (no cones) and doesn't have any drying alcohols.

I've been CG for over a year and I love this gel. Too bad it's not available in Europe. HE only distributes some shampoos and conditioners here, no styling products.

I have to buy it on ebay or if I'm lucky I find some on the swap board here.
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I love HEBE too! A nice cheap CG gel.

Too bad it isn't available in Europe. It's so cheap and works so well.
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Has anyone seen this lately? I'm worried about whether it's discontinued or not. They didn't have it at walgreens so I called around a lot of places and they said they didn't have it either. I called a lot of places.

I was really liking this gel in the winter and then *poof* it disappears.

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A couple of months ago, my grocery store had a really good sale on this... I think it was half price... and so I bought a few tubes and I remember saying to myself:
I bet this stuff is being discontinued.
Sure enough, I was in Target the other day and I looked to see what they had and notice this was not available.
I wonder if it's discontinued... I'm going to go to their website and see what I can find. I may even email them.


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It's still on their website.. not that that means anything.
I emailed them and I'll report back.


Latest routine:
Sauve Coconut CO
Trader Joe's Nourish
Giovanni 50/50
Giovanni Direct Leave In
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