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Ojon or Jessicurl??

I have been looking into both of these and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on either or if anyone has used both which is better?? I am a 3a-b and my avatar at the side shows what my hair is after some good conditioning Thanks!!
That's hard b/c they both make good products. Did you have something specific in mind?
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They are too different to even begin to compare.
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Quoting myself on another post so I don't have to retype:
I myself was not as impressed as other curlies (with Ojon). I think it's a good product but I don't think it's worth $55. When I used it I always had to follow with shampoo, sometimes twice. I prefer to avoid shampoo whenever possible. I got enough complaints about the smell (very tobacco-y) that I never attempted to not shampoo it out. Other curlies may have some experience with trying to co-wash it out.

Pretty much any DC with a lot of oils will improve the health of my hair longterm-- even to the point of hardly being able to find a split end on my head. I eventually decided to stick with my Jessicurl DT since I didn't have to shampoo it out, it didn't smell like I'd just come home from a bar and I got the same results (I thought.) And I'm only spending $12 or so vs $55. I'm not sure how long the Ojon lasts most curlies so I'm not sure what the true value comparison would be in this case-- but I still think the Jessicurl is probably cheaper.
Would just like to add:
If you are someone who likes to use straight oils on your hair and do a lemon or acv rinse after, you may like Ojon. My hair can't tolerate plain oil but, blended into an emulsion, loves it. Go fig.
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