Aussie Hair Insurance Tip Protector & Leave-in ???

I bought a bottle of this today. I'm hoping it'll work better than the Garnier Fructis Curl & Shine did for me. I think that was too heavy for my hair. I do like a lighter leave-in conditioner.

Who can give me the good, bad & ugly about the Hair Insurance Tip Protector + Leave-in Conditioner?
OK. I tried it & I guess I'll be the first to report on it. It's nice & light, reminding me of my beloved ABBA Nourishing Leave-on Moisturizer.

However, this leave-in contains 3 hold ingredients. This makes me wonder if it's supposed to be a styling creme of sorts.

A little more time with this will tell me if it's something to keep using.
I think I'll keep using this leave-in. It MIGHT replace my ABBA.

It doesn't dry out my hair. It doesn't make it crunchy due to the hold ingredients. It left my hair soft. And I got away without using a styling product again with this in my hair; it left it bouncy versus weighed down & I used 6 pumps, I think.
I am having a hard time finding a leave in that doesn't weigh my hair down, so I think I am going to give this a try. Where did you buy it? What are the ingredients? TIA
3a thick shoulder length..Activate poo, aussie volume gel, ck and still searching for a co
I am having a hard time finding a leave in that doesn't weigh my hair down, so I think I am going to give this a try. Where did you buy it? What are the ingredients? TIA
Originally Posted by izabelizaac
I found it at WalMart.

water, dimethicone, glycerin, prunus serotina bark extract (wild cherry), anigozanthos flavidus flower/leaf extract (australian kangaroo paw flower extract), mentha piperita leaf extract (peppermint), aloe barbadensis leaf, aminomethyl propanol, carbomer, va/crotonates copolymer, methylparaben, vp/va copolymer, pvp, dmdm hydantoin, fragrance, ppg-1-peg-9 lauryl glycol ether, disodium edta, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, propylene glycol.
OK, so I've been using it for what, a week now? I'm wondering if my hair doesn't like it now. I thought it was moisturizing at first, but now when I use it, it feels drying or like my hair is wet rubber, or something weird. I don't really know how to explain the feeling. This is in the area I'm having problems with that I posted about on the general hair board (see HELP! -

This is confusing because I see nothing drying in it. But then I'm not an ingredients expert by any means. I see on the CurlReviews of the CurlProducts page for this that Laurabeth didn't like it. She's the only one who reported on it.

It's possible it's just that section of hair that doesn't like this conditioner. Or it's that section of hair that has something else (worse) going on with it. I'll have to pay more attention to the other end areas now.
My theory with these (both this and its twin product, the Catch the Wave Taming Milk) is that there's way too much dimethicone and it suffocated my hair from getting any moisture. Therefore, despite having glycerin as the next ingred, it's sealing the hair too much to allow the humectant effects of the glycerin to attract any moisture.

I have used products with dimethicone as the 2nd ingred w/o having any problem with dry, poofball frizz and messiness. But I'm guessing it's based on the actual concentration since being 2nd only means it has less dimethicone than water and more than anything else.

I'd suggest pooing w/ something with a surfactant in it (coco betaine is fine), and see if things improve. I don't see anything super-difficult to remove or any protein, luckily.
Well tomorrow IS come clean Sunday so I'll be using a low sulfate shampoo then.

I'll give my hair a break from this conditioner & try the Amlika from The Body Shop that's never dried me out & doesn't contain any proteins, from what I can remember/see. Or I'll use straight jojoba oil. Then I'll be able to figure out if it's the Aussie or just my hair in that area.

Thanks for the response!
So I did a shampoo & deep treatment, & my hair came out feeling ultra soft & not dry. I guess it was building up on that damaged area!

It certainly doesn't feel drying anywhere else.


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