Great Hair Day w/ AG FF, Crazy Curls, and a new diffuser!!

Ok, just had to share

Since the weather has gotten cold, I have had a lot of dry frizz issues. Today I tried a new diffuser (Conair Tourmaline professional--$9 at Sally's) and AG's fast food leave-in. My hair dried nice without as much crunchiness as I usually get with the Alagio Crazy Curls balm. Nice shiny boingy curls! I developed a little frizz in the wind outside but otherwise i had a GREAT hair day!!!!

Here is my complete routine from start to finish today:

Washed with Jessicurl's HCC
Co with Peach Pom.
Applied marble sized glob of fast food and scrunched,
Scrunched in Crazy Curls
Plopped for 15 min w/ microfiber towel
Diffused about 5 min with New diffuser on old hair dryer.
Air dried rest of way. Scrunched small amt of crunch out.

Loved my hair today!!! Really hoping the fast food, Crazy curls and diffuser are a winning combo next time too!
3a bsl highlted hair ; mod CG since 6/4/07
current favs: JC's HCC and GLS, B2B Pom Co (old form.), Alagio Crzy Crl Balm
Hooray for great hair day!

I love the colder season. I have a lot more great hair days than
in the warmer ones.
3b/c CG routine
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