prairieland shampoo bars

I read a review of these on another site, and people were raving about them. Supposedly, they work for people who haven't been able to use other shampoo bars. I was wondering if anyone has tried these, or other shampoo bars and has had any luck. I used the Chagrin Valley shampoo bars once, and they built up on my hair. Also, I was wondering if you use a shampoo bar (which is usually soap based), can you still use conditioners and styling products with cones? Thanks.
I'm wondering what makes these different from the CV ones? The ingredients are very similar...although the CV ones contain avocado oils too and these don't?
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A lot of people, including myself, don't use the bars with castor oil in them. When I was searching for natural bars, I didn't order them because they all had the castor oil. Some people also have problems with shea butter and avocado oil because they don't saponify (turn to soap) and retain a lot of their original properties. My hair likes the shea butter, the jury is still out about the avocado oil.

Natural bars won't remove cones.
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