Activate? What going on with the price?

I was just looking at the Activate website and they reduced their price to 6.99 a bottle... what the heck it going on over there? Last time I looked it was 20.00 of just the condish... anyone know anything about it? Not that I'm complaining I'm actually jumping for joy because I was starting to look for a replacement.
Perhaps they realized how dumb it would be to raise the $
3b-3c CG
Hmmm. Not sure. But I've been getting the conditioner from Walgreens for about $6 for over a year.
Type: Course & thick. According to everyone's input, 2c w/ 3a potential.
Color: Brown w/ highlights & annoying grays which I color.
Length: Past shoulders w/ layers.
Issues: Dryness, knots & more dryness!
Poo: Deva Lo-Poo 1 x week, Clarify 1-2 x month
CO Wash: Suave Tropical Coconut (but looking for something else b/c I suspect protein issues)
Leave-Ins: Was loving KBB Milk & Nectar, but overused them. Usually just leave-in some of what I CO with.
Styling: Biolage Gelee

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