SheaM as curl creme -- ?a summer miracle or PJ disappointment?

I just cant get with this product! I so wish I could. I purchased it, tried it didnt like it and swapped it. Then heard great review so I purchased it again. tried it different ways, in the end gave it away. It was not consistant enough for me. One day I would have great hair. Then the next week, my hair would have no definition and be a mess.

Maybe I will revisit again, since everyone loves it.
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I agree with you mslanee. I bought this product when I was completely natural and it made my hair kinda waxy feeling. I could not use it as a styling product. I eventually started using it for conditioning only - and it HAS to be rinsed out of my hair.
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Using SheaM on its own gives me an ultra soft head of frizz. I worked out that it works best for me when diluted. I find CK too runny and SheaM too thick so I mix them together and have had awesome results for a while now. Rake it through soaking hair and scrunch and I am good to go!

I also tried mixing it with water and this helped too. I have a mix of 3A/B curls and my hair loves heavy conditioners and hates gels. My CK/Sheam combo is making some gorgeous soft touchable curls!

I think that maybe you just have to find the best way to use it for your hair?
Aussiecurly-thanks for the great idea! I have trouble distributing CK and SheaM on their own. I never thought to mix them together. I'll have to try that.

I have no problems using SheaMoisture in my hair when its wet. As, I find that I can use it on my wet hair all alone to style with and still get a good look to my curls with it. But, if I use it on dry hair, then boy does this stuff seem like it will take all day long to penetrate my hair. Its quite thick and I find that it pentrates the hair better when the hair is wet. So, because I don't wash my hair everyday, I ultimately ending up getting rid of the bottle of SheaMoisture that I had.

Kudos to you ladies who can get this stuff to work on both dry and wet hair, as I surely couldn't!
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I love the SM too - I use a LOT of it though... and it seems to work. I have 3a/b curls, but I use about 2-4 palmfuls as leave in and a gel on top - no flakes and great definition - it's been working until it just reached 100 degrees this week! NOw my hair - body and skin - are NOT happy at all and not sure if anything will work until it cools down!
but that product has been a staple for some time - love it!
Tara - have a curly day!!!

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Shea Moisture Smoothie - GREAT stuff!

for the love of the lens...

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