Perfecta Hair Mask (Conditioner)

I have never in my life in the cosmetology business have ever crashed into anything similar to this product. After visiting the beauty supply for months and attempting all the products in the world, the store owner lastly recommended this product and samples were provided to me. I was a bit skeptical but still tried at home (did'nt think I had much to loose since my hair was a complete mess). I was astonished and nearly petrified when I ran the comb through my head and realized that it had gone all the way through without shreadding one piece of hair strand at all. As soon as I was done rinsing my hair I was checking my bank account online to verify if I had enough money to stock-up with this product for at least a year. I made it to the beauty supply (which is normally about 40 minutes away from home) and bought a few of these hair masks. This is one of the products that I will be treasuring for as long as I can and will continue to preach its greatness until someone can prove me wrong.

Here is a picture of the product:
I think you can find it at any beauty supply that carries professional products that are usually sold to licensed cosmetologists but you can also order it online. Have not checked Curl-Mart yet. Summarizing my hair horror story, I had the worst case of hair loss and styling frustations due to detangling. I purchased products that sum over $800 this year attempting to put a stop to this horrible nightmare but it is finally over. Is there anyone out there that has tried this product yet? Please share your experience.

Awesome!! What are the ingredients?
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
perfume: natural extract
ph: 3.4
emollients: wheat germ oil, soy oil, cyclo-methicone
conditioners: cyclo-methicone

Interesting! Thank you.
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.

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