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lacunaCoils 11-03-2008 12:33 PM

Best hair day ever! (Shampoo bars, KBB, Recoil, KCCC)
Wow, this is awesome! My hair has volume, shine, nice curls, and feels light & bouncy! I got my KM shampoo bars and KBB samples - my curls are loving it! I used the Cinnamon Almond bar, sprayed on some ACV rinse, put conditioner over that, then let it sit a few minutes. Rinsed out. Put in KBB hair nectar - I don't care for the smell of the pom guava. It smells like Southern Comfort, and I've had some bad experiences with that! Anyway, I can't smell it anymore. I put a little Recoil over that, scrunched right side up, then upside down scrunched in a little KCCC. Scrunched with microfiber towel and plopped in a t-shirt a few minutes. I am so happy- my hair dryed so much faster too! Thank you ALL for the good tips and Thank You KathyMack for the bars and the samples- you are awesome!

kathymack 11-03-2008 01:02 PM

Great products make for really good hair days!

lacunaCoils 11-04-2008 04:32 PM

Go figure- today is a bad hair day- not THE worst, but not the best like yesterday. I did the same routine, except didn't do an ACV rinse and used KBB milk instead of nectar- so maybe I have to do an ACV rinse everyday and use nectar instead of milk? Ugh, I'm so confused. Everyday my hair reacts differently- why can't it just BEHAVE?

kathymack 11-04-2008 05:26 PM

I rotate products, don't use the same combo two days in a row. The Donna Marie products are so rich, the KBB milk was probably too much as a leave in. I only use it as a rinse out and the nectar as a leave in. I tried to switch, as the weather got dryer--but it was too much. With the DM, it would be way too much for me and my hair can take a lot. I don't use any leave in with the Lock and Twist pudding and I don't think I used any with the Coco Curly Pudding yesterday, I'd have to look on the original thread. If I do, I only put a little on my crown/canopy.

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