"You smell like the pool."

So. After waiting like a kid waits for Christmas, I got my KBB order today. I immediately went to the bathroom and put my hair cream in. Wow. That smells strong, but I'm liking how my hair looks...

Husband comes home.

Me: How do you like my new hair stuff?
Him: *sniff sniff* You smell like the pool.

It's the Sandalwood fragrance, and I have to admit, it's pretty bad. I know some people like it, and I usually like sandalwood, but this is... I donno, chemical-flavored sandalwood or something. And after smelling samples of the Oatmeal Honey, Coco Mango, Coco Lime, and Jasmine Lily... I really think I got a "stinker."

So... I'm going to try it all in the shower tomorrow to see if I can stand it. As of right now, it's not looking promising. *sigh* It's like getting that fabulous bag you've been lusting after, but finding out your phone doesn't fit or something stupid. Bah...

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If you don't like it after tomorrow, I'm sure you can send it back for a different one. I know they've been accommodating with other people. If not, there's always the swap board! And I agree, I got a sample of the sandalwood and did not like it at all.. but I'm pretty picky so that may not be worth much!
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Hey I got the sandalwood and coco mango... coco mango is lovely. I usually love sandalwood and I like my smells to be a little less sweet, floral, fruity, and more subtle like musk, sandalwood, etc. I didn't like the sandalwood smell much. Coco mango (IMO) is sweet but not over bearing it's very nice. I also like White Tea it has a fresh, light smell. I want to try the Hibiscus, Musk, and Vanilla Latte those are the only ones that seem more up my ally. I hope you find one you like
I feel the same way about the Hibiscus Nectar I got. It's way too strong for me. I've tried using it a multitude of ways in the hopes I can cover up the scent and get it used up. It may end up on the swap board.
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