Better results with KCKT & KCCC

I posted a thread a few days ago saying that having tried the above combo I was not that impressed and my hair was left a bit dry.... WELL last night I tried again using a different method and WOW what a difference - soft, silky defined curls this morning!!

The last few times I used the combo I squeezed our excess moisture from the hair and applied the KT followed by the KCCCC and then just blotted and left to air dry.

Last night I tried a different method - I applied the KT in the shower on newly rinsed hair that was DRIPPING WET (I did NOT squeeze out the excess water) I then blotted with a towel - applied the KCCC after blotting and then added a little coconut oil to the ends - well what a difference - today my hair is full of moisture and is shining.

So any of you that have not had good results with KC stuff I would say try lots of different methods and eventually, like me, you may find that gives great results!

Happy experimenting!

Thanks for that post. I have received my KT and CC today and I'm very impatient to use them tonight. I'll try your method to see if that works.
I have decided that I dont like either products too much.The only think I like about the KCCC other than the smell is that its great as a finishing product to tame frizzy ends or curls. I dont like layering products in my hair and even layering with the BRHG its not providing enough hold and control. I really do love the smell though..

I'll try the KT as you described and see if it gives me something nice to say other than its "just ok".
Houston, TX
shoulder length fine 3b/c curls

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