Hairspray?..Best one and cheap

Hey ladies,

whats a good hairspray thats not expensive and can be found in the local drug store? Thanks.
If I use one at all it's Herbal Essences set me up hairspray Extra Hold. If you are CG make sure you get the extra hold because the Max Hold has cones... and bad ones. This one does have a PEG cone and alcohol which can both cause issues for some curlies.
mostly 3a/fine/high porosity/low density
Cleanse: Bosley shampoo and conditioner
Stylers: Boots Curl Cream, Uncle Funky's Daughter, Curl Keeper
Gels: Volumax, Biolage, EcoStyler, BRHG
Shea butter to scrunch out the crunch and seal
Modified CG since Feb 2008

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