I'm pretty sure awhile back I saw a thread about the Wen products, but now I can't find it... Has anyone tried these? If so, what sort of results did you get? My hair is SO dry lately. This past year is basically the first years I've used a hairdryer (with defuser) ever day. I only partially dry it, but it seems to have done some damage (broken hairs towards the scalp, frizzies....) I can't let it air-dry - it takes ALL day to dry. Anyway, sorry, back to Wen. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Hey Curlface! I tried Wen almost a year ago and I hated it! I bought the Fig scent which is supposed to be the most moisturizing. I tried it for quite a while and kept using different amounts, but it just never worked for me. My hair was so frizzy and hard feeling and my curls were completely undefined. I am a 3a/3b curly girl. I couldn't stand the smell of this stuff either. It smelled exactly like cherry cough syrup. It has a strong menthol smell and it didn't go away once my hair was dry. I had a little left in the bottle when I decided to just call it quits and I now use it as shaving lotion. It does work quite well for that. But, it's waaaay too expensive to just use on my legs!
Anyway, that's just my experience. HTH!
Here are a couple of threads:



You can find more if you click on the search forum link when you're logged in (It's on the right in the orange heading.). I typed Wen Chaz Dean for the search.

Thanks for the replies and the links! I tried searching but must have done something wrong...

Seemed like it got mixed reviews. Right now I'm using Avalon Organics lemon shampoo and Pantene Expressions for Brunettes, but my hair is so dry... I'm very tempted to try co-washing but I'm so worried my scalp will be greasy that I'm very reluctant. I have oily skin overall, and skipping a day of washing leaves my hair (and face, strangely) feeling oily, so it's not usually an option.

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