Biolage Gelee


As some of you may have seen, I posted a not-so-good review of Kiss My Face Upper Management gel yesterday. I had been using that all week, trying different combinations to no avail.

Well, today, I have switched back to my beloved Biolage Gelee and it confirms that the KMF gel was the issue.

My hair is still drying, but it is back to it's usual smooth, loose ringlet-y self. I think I've found my happy place. I am no longer looking for a new gel.
Not Cindy or Sindy or Syndey or any other such abomination.
It's Sydney, like Australia.
Formerly known as SydneyCurl.
I like this stuff, too. In fact, I was recently shocked to discover that this will probably be the first product container that I empty since starting all this (I was sure it would be my beloved Curl Keeper, but no!)

It seems to work in a variety of weather conditions, mixed with a variety of different things.

Now that I've said that, it will stop working of course..... but it's been several months now, which is unusual for me.

Wurly and proud!
Modified CG since 2008.

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