Deva Set Me Up!...?

Is this something that will keep frizz from starting? I have no frizz using the routine I started until about midday. I'm looking to purchase a cream-type product that I can put in after I have scrunched the crunch out of my dry hair --something that won't make it look wet again or create frizz just from applying it. I absolutely cannot apply gel once my hair is dry or it frizzes badly. Thanks!
I usually scrunch in some Karens Body Beautiful hair cream or butter if I get the frizzies mid day. A little goes a long way and it really makes my curls bounce up. I do have the Deva Set Me up as well but I haven't tried it scrunched in. I usually use it to smooth down frizzies by putting a bit on my hands and kind of running them over the top of my canopy.
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Shea butter to scrunch out the crunch and seal
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I do like most of the Deva products, and use them, except for this one - not sure why, but it did nothing for me. I too like the KBB products, they're really nice in my hair...
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Deva One - LOVE it!!!!!!!

Botticelli's Flax Seed Hair Gel (a DIY!!!) THANKS Botticelli!!!!!!
Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Creme (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!)
Shea Moisture Smoothie - GREAT stuff!

for the love of the lens...
Thanks for the input! I hesitate to just buy something anymore because most of the time the product doesn't work like it says it will --plus Deva products are expensive. Yikes!
delete this post. I was thinking of a different product sorry.
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I personally don't like Set Me Up and I love Deva. I find it to be sticky and give the wet look. I also end up getting "rats' nest" second day hair. It does stop the frizz though. I'm gonna try Set it Free next. Hopefully I'll get what I'm looking for...
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