hair rules aloe grapefruit clarifying shampoo & quench ultra rich conditioner

I never thought I'd try the shampoo because "grapefruit clairfying" just sounded so stripping, drying, tangling, matting... to me.

But I tried it this morning, after looking at it all thick & clear, & smelling of citrus, which scared me back to my previous thoughts.

It did go on thick, even after I splashed some water into my hand to thin it out, but then it thinned out on its own when I worked it through my hair. I rinsed until I know I got it all out & only my roots made the slightest squeak. It felt like I didn't even have to use the conditioner! So the name fooled me.

But I tried the conditioner anyhow & its scent is divine! And its consistency is thick & rich, which I like to a point, meaning it wasn't runny like V05 or Suave Naturals & it wasn't like school paste. I had instant slip & detangling, & it was nicely moisturizing.

So I now say "WOW!!! I wish I had more of this stuff/these samples."
I liked my samples too.
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I didn't try the conditioner, but adore the AGC poo! I was a bit shocked, but not just because Hair Rules isn't liked by many. My hair usually likes the "underdog" More so because this formula contains protein and didn't dry my hair out one single bit...weird!
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I haven't tried my samples yet either - after one look at the ingredients they initially went in the bin, but then I thought it was just a waste and really I should give them a go so I retrieved them. I do like the finishing cream (I'm at work, can't remember the name) though, so long as I'm not too heavy-handed with it. Cuts down my frizz quite a bit. Again, nasty ingredients unfortunately.
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