warning - Giovanni frizz - don't use!

I do not recommend the Giovanni Frizz product.
Orlando FL

trying various aubrey products currently.
Could you explain your experience with this? What exactly is the name of this product? I haven't seen any Giovanni frizz stylers.
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I'm curious as well?? Is she talking about Giovanni Products in general?? I'm not aware of a product called Giovanni Frizz??
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There's a product by Giovannni called "Frizz-Be-Gone." I hadn't heard of it until someone brought it up in the going shampoo-less section. It has silicones in it.
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Sorry I did not see replies. I like most of the Giovanni products. The leave in and conditioner work well.

The frizz be gone did not work for me at all!

It left me with tons of fly away hairs.

I was able to return it and get the Samy Istyle and that works perfectly.

Orlando FL

trying various aubrey products currently.

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