J/A/S/O/N conditioners

There are very few reviews on one of the three conditioners I saw on clearance at K'Mart today, another is only listed with picture & ingredients, & the other isn't listed/pictured at all.

Here are the reviews for the Aloe Vera:


Here are the ingredients, sans reviews, for the Biotin:

There's nothing for the Lavender.

So, does anyone have good, bad or indifferent reviews on any of these three conditioners?

All the Biotin & Aloe Conditioners are gone. So never mind the reviews about them.

But one Lavender remains. I need to know about this one.
The other two had the cyclo-xane silicone, so I would guess that the Lavendar isn't CG either.
2C wavy with some spirals. CG since April 07. Medium texture and porosity.
COs: Yes to Cucumbers
Stylers: Miss Jessies Coily Custard, KCCC

Live Simply. Use Soap
I use any/all silicone. My hair isn't picky.

But I am when it comes to petroleum by-products (oil & wax), lanolin, emu oil, drying alcohols, & natural waxes like fruit, carnuba, calendula & beeswax.

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