Counterfeit TIGI products

I was good friends with a stylist a while ago who "owned" a Tony & Guy salon. He told me that the products that are TIGI that are sold at Target, Fred Meyer, etc. (basically anywhere that is not a professional salon or does not have a professional salon in the store) are often counterfeit. He said that TIGI would send the managers out to purchase any counterfeit products, sometimes with slight printing differences - like not having the R in a circle for registered trademark, or something like that....

Anyway, he also said that those products look weird sometimes, like the color has separated - another tip off that they aren't the real deal.

I know there have been some posts about TIGI MM shampoo and a few other products. I just thought I'd pass that along.
They're OK if purchased at Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) stores. They have a contract per TIGI to sell them. I checked this out myself a couple years ago.
Should we keep buying the products? I did'nt buy mine from a salon,but its one of the best products i have discovered. The salons here that i know of don't carry tigi products only some stores.
I think some of the chain stores have worked "deals" with genuine TIGI product dealers. But, there are some fakers out there, too. If the product looks weird on the shelf (like it needs to be shaken), smells funny, or in general seems to be different, then I'd go somewhere else.

I used to live in Alaska, and I would call a salon somewhere and have them mail my TIGI to me, so you can go that route, too. It is not like it sells for less $$ at the chain stores, anyway...

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