MopTop Product Review

I rarely write reviews on products but I felt compelled to do so because I really noticed something different with these products. As a little background, I guess I could be considered a curl product junkie. I am ususally trying so many different brands at once, mixed or not, that is often hard for me to determine which one(s) are really working (or not working).

This time was different. I was looking for something new so I got several of the MopTop products last week and started using them, exclusively. I am using the shampoo, the conditioner, the fuzzy duck gel and the misting product.

This has been my experience: The shampoo smells great and even though it doesn't have sulfates in it is very refreshing to use because it has a minty scent. I like the feeling of having a clean scalp yet it is not drying out my hair.

I am not crazy about the smell of the conditioner (lemony) but it is not offensive in any way either. However the product felt great on my hair and it smoothed and detangled my curls easily.

I carefully finger raked the Fuzzy Duck gel through my hair (there is a Mop Top gel but it doesn't have as strong of a hold, plus I like the fresh orange smell of the Fuzzy Duck one better) then I scrunched my hair with my Curl Cloth to "group" and define my curls.

Lastly, I liberally spritzed my hair with the refreshing mist , added my clips to the top for volume then diffused my hair until it was almost dry.

The biggest difference I have seen with these products is that my hair is so shiny. My curls look healthy and are bouncy. Not dull or weighed down. I have had great success with other products too but my hair has never been this shiny. Granted I have only been using the line for about a week. But, so far I am very impressed. Hope this feedback helps out.
what is your hair type?

how porous
what type of curl (more or less)

that would be very helpful for people looking for a routine, to see what works for a specific type of hair. thanks!
wurly, fine to medium, currently growing for waist-length
embracing the waves since 10/20/08
my hair loves protein and hates jojoba oil, my scalp hates propylene glycol, my face hates silicones.

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