Depth brand-sold exclusively at Whole Foods

Has anyone tried these Depth products found at Whole Foods? This link has the ingredients too:
I tried the Daily Conditioner. It had a slightly marine fragrance with a shea butter-like, thick texture that seemed promising. However, when i rinsed though, my hair seemed like it hadn't absorbed the condish well.

Thru the day, I had increasing crimped frizz and a lot of fluff too. My hair was flat-flat on top too, and I noticed my hair feeling on the dry side.

I'd give it a poor rating because my hair was more frizzy than anything else with it and my curls weren't encouraged enough to really see.
2b w/ some 3a
product tester geek
No problem. I kinda wished I had left it on the shelf myself. Luckily, Whole Foods had a tester so I didn't have another bottle in my bathroom when this conditioner was so blah.
2b w/ some 3a
product tester geek

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