I've heard great things about nasabb and I'd love to know if others have tried it? Their poo and oatmeal honey soap/poo bar are supposed to be fabulous. Same goes for their shea butter. I'm in Denmark so I've never tried. I'm trying very hard not spend all my money on international shipping. Take a look:
I used the shampoo before and I liked it, but it has the consistency of water so it's hard to get from your hand to your hair without spilling some of it. I didn't like the oatmeal honey soap... it hurt the skin on my face when I washed with it. I LOVE their shea butter. I bought a pound of it and I use it for my kids very dry skin, on my hands, elbows, feet, and sometimes even on my lips.
Thanks for letting me know about your experience. The honey oatmeal soap sounds so gentle but I guess not. I' glad I ordered from chagrin valley. I've heard a lot of people say nasabb's shea butter is the best they've ever tried. I'd like to try their shampoo - it sounds so great. I always dilute with water in bottle so I'm used to the very thin consistency?
I use nasabb's oatmeal soap and I do not have a problem with it. I have been using it for the past 5 years and I even use it on my kids. That soap is all natural and I have never had problems with it. Did you rub the soap directly on your face? Because it has a generous amount of oatmeal so I was thinking that may have hurt the skin on your face. I know everyone is different. But I just wanted to say that the oatmeal has never hurt my skin and it is very good for shampooing hair.
their black soap is wonderful as a head to toe soap, i havent tried their other stuff as of yet
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