Great combo

Had to share...

I've been using the Avalon Olive and Grapeseed conditioner with the DM curl cremes, Hemp or Lock and Twist, under BRHG. I'm getting fabulous results. Clumpy, well-defined, frizz free curls WITH all day hold.

Lots of conditioner, gobs
Couple of dime size amounts of curl creme
Finish with three quarter size dollops of BRHG
I used the grapeseed and olive condish as a leave in, DM coco curly butter and BRHG over everything. Yep nice curls all day long. But I also used my Shikakai shampoo bar and a ACV rinse - the smell is horrible but my hair loves it.

I will try this again tomorrow but it will be a water wash day so I am hoping for good results tomorrow as well.

Thank you for the combo alert!
Central Massachusetts

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