Which L'oreal products are cg friendly?

Does anyone know which L'oreal co. gels etc . are cg friendly?
some of them seem to be, but, I'm not real good at telling sometimes.
I am using the one for wavy/curly and having good results.
Maybe, we can start a list for quick reference to make it easier for everyone???
yogawaves, formerly known as yogagirl
I'm not a gel user, so I don't know. Maybe someone else will chime in.
The L'Oreal Out of Bed texturizer isn't a gel but it functions like a curl cream, although it isn't marketed as such. The American-version one has a water soluble cone. I think the European version has dimethicone though.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

I am a sulfate washing, cone slabbing, curly lovin' s.o.b. The CG police haven't caught me yet.

LOOB, and as Boomygirl says, even it has PEG/PPG 22/24 dimethicone (water soluble). It's main ingredient is PEG 40 castor oil, which bothers some people even though it's water soluble.

The only other L'Oreal product I usually hear anything about is their Pro Vive Nutri Gloss conditioner, which a lot of people love.

ETA: Forgot their Tightly Wound Spray Gel - some really like it. Didn't do much for me, but I still use it sometimes atop everything else to try to get some additional curl and hold if it doesn't seem to be doing well. Can't really see that it does much, though.
2C/3A/3B - modified CG - fairly fine now, normal/low porosity/normal elasticity

Current Main Rotation: MG217 medicated or Aim2Health 'poos for scalp, Elucence cond., Spiral Solutions Protein & Deeply Decadent Cond., CJCCCC reg or lite,CJ Pattern Pusha,, Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz + lots more, sporadically

HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing w/360o diffuser then clips/clamps & air dry. Newly gray - stopped my henna glosses!


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