How are you using DM Cocoa Hemp Hair Butter cream?!!

This smells really good, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to use it since it's thick. I love the other DM products I have tried so far, but I'm not quite sure how to use this one. I tried a little bit (emulsified in hands) and scrunched in 2nd day hair after spritzing with water/Avg mixture, but.....I think I used to much and I was not impressed. Please share any tips on using this products. Tips and pointers Greatly appreciated!!! TIA!
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Doesn't it smell LUSCIOUS On the original DM thread it was discussed that it's used as a LI primarily and only a small amt. I don't do well with oily type LI's so I've used it like JCN&S a pea size or 2 to touch up or on 2nd day after spritzing to calm the frizz. Only on dry hair for me! Great stuff though, love it!
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It works great for me as a leave-in. I've had good luck with it under the CCB, Innersense and some of the puddings. I emulsify it in my hands, rake and scrunch into wet hair. Apply whatever curl cream I'm using, scrunch lightly with my Curls Like Us towel, apply gel and diffuse. I have also used it to touch-up dry hair . It's my favorite product of her line.
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I use a couple of dabs to scrunch curls while upside down. I avoid getting it too close to my scalp because it makes my roots seem "oily." I use it under BRHG, love it.
I've also used it as a LI on 2nd or 3rd days to help control frizz, moisturize the top...but I also love scrunching in some before bed, let it soak in overnight! Really soft the next morning!
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I'm with Sharon. I like putting a little on at night to sort of "seal" my hair. Looks better in the morning that way.
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Thanks for all the input! Looks like I will have to try it as a leave-in and maybe at night too. Thanks again!
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I scrunch a little in my wet ends before or after leave-in.
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I'll have to try it as a leave-in. I tried it on dry hair to smooth down flyways and found it way too heavy for this purpose. DM L&T works much better for this on my fine, 3A hair.

Also, I find the DM CHB too heavily scented. It smells fabulous, but after applying it to dry hair I can smell it constantly and it becomes overwhelming.
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