Whole Foods 365 Conditioners

Anyone using or tried any? I picked up the Lavendar one and was wondering if anyone else has used any of the others. I'm thinking of getting the mint one if I like the Lavendar one. They are only $4.99 for 32 oz., so I couldn't resist. TIA.
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I've tried the fragrance free, it was a great conditioner as a leave-in but ironically I had to stop using because it had this disgusting chemical smell in it eventhough it's fragrance free. Maybe I have to try the lavender because I didn't really like the scent in the mint condtioner. You get a great conditoner for a great price, I don't have anything negative to say. It actually reminds me of the abba minus the price tag, but the abba is great!
I believe my mom has the Lavender one and I looooveeedd it!
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I loved the unscented one for a long time before I realized our hair and castor oil + glycerine didn't mix well. First months of use it was great, used as co-washer/rinse out condish, but then our hair became duller and bit drier, and realized it was the culprit after a clarify wash and trying to use it again. I use it every now and then as part of a condish mix with aloe juice. Can no longer use it alone.
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I tried the mint one when I went CG back in September. I remember thinking it was nothing special, and I certainly never tested it in winter weather. Products seem to give a false positive sometimes in warmer weather.
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I hear ya! I Actually use a search trick that someone had posted about in another thread. What you do is enter your search query in google and add site:naturallycurly.com. I used it to find all those 365 condish links. The entire search query would look like this: "whole foods 365 conditioner site:naturallycurly.com" Google will pull up only those threads that contain all the words you're looking for as opposed to the NC search function which would pull up every thread with either one of those words. I can only imagine the number of threads that have "conditioner" in them. You can modify you query as you wish to narrow it down or broaden it even further.
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I bought a full size of the lavender. Though I didn't use it & it was only waiting for its turn, I kept sniffing it. I returned it because each sniff made it smell more like a toilet freshener.

And I tried a 2 oz of the citrus. It's OK, nothing to write home about.
I bought a bottle that I used as a co-wash. It was decent enough for that, but it's not nearly moisturizing enough for me to use as my regular condish.
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Tried the grapefruit one first, but it didn't do anything for my hair. Then I bought the lavender which my hair seemed to like at first, but hasn't been liking lately. I may try it again today when I wash to make sure. I've never tried the mint one though...
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