Ohm Body Sweet Hair Pudding

Misspam, the closest thing to a one-step sub for KCCC that I've found is BB's FSG. It has tons more hold than my homemade fsg, and it's a nice consistency. I needed a leave-in or cream under it for more moisture, but I'm definitely in the minority on this. Most think it's extremely moisturizing. The hold is great, no frizz...you may want to try a sample...
Originally Posted by Curly Girl Fla
Thanks! This may be a possibility. If you can get great hold in humid Florida then this must be some great stuff!
I still use the SHP and continue to love it. I also scrunch in some of the Ohm Aloe Gel afterwards. It smells really good. I don't know how it'll work for me in the summer months, but for the cooler weather it was a great option.

Komaza hair pudding was mentioned as well ... it is an awesome product. I think I get tighter curls from Komaza than I do with the SHP.

You can get both products from Afrokinks. The service from that company is really good. I know the Komaza site sells samples .... they are quite inexpensive, so you might want to order from them to try before buying. http://www.komazacare.com/

I don't have an issue with castor oil either, so I can't speak to that.

To compare the SHP and the Komaza hair pudding. The SHP isn't quite as forgiving as the Komaza IMO .... if you use too much, your hair can get a little greasy looking. The Komaza is a different texture. It is more like a jelly that has been whipped up. I find the SHP texture to be a like a mousse dessert.

HTH !!
Originally Posted by FrizzBgone

I still use the SHP and continue to love it.
Originally Posted by teshon
Thank you both! I am eager to give both the Komaza and the SHP a try. I appreciate your opinions.
I've used all three: KCCC, Ohm SHP, and Komaza pudding. IMO, they are all equally fabulous as curl enhancers, and differ only in terms of the amount of hold they provide on their own.

I have fine, 3A hair and always need a little gel on top for hold, even when using KCCC. The Komaza has more hold on its own than the Ohm, so you might like that a little better.

I agree with what FrizzBGone said - the Komaza is more forgiving than the Ohm if you use too much. Also, I too have used the old version of Komaza (with castor oil) for several months now and have had no problems with it whatsoever, though the new formulation makes this a non-issue.

Both Komaza and Ohm are great in the winter for me because they are glycerin-free; combined with a little BRHG on top, I have no frizz whatsoever. The Donna Marie L&T, by contrast, is a great curl enhancer but leaves me with some frizz (I hope to try it again in the summer).

Finally, Komaza will send you a sample of the pudding for $5 plus $5 U.S. shipping if you call them. That's what I did to try it out, and then after that ordered a full bottle from Afrokinks.

And if you want to buy a sample of the Ohm SHP, you can order one for $5.50 from http://www.sistasplace.biz/obpudding.htm
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