Shampoo Bars

Can someone explain Shampoo Bars to me??? What are they?
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One of the best resources for all things shampoo/soap bars is Chagrin Valley. I love their stuff. I no longer use them on my hair but they are all I use on my body in the shower.

There are also quite a few threads on the All Natural forum.

Also, our own kathymack sells some nice bars. You can pm her for more info.
LUSH makes awesome shampoo bars, the point of them is they make no plastic waste with bottles and whatnot, and they last thru around 60 washes? They save some space too because they are pretty tiny. To use you can get a lather in your hands or rub in on your head a little, great for travel!
A lot of us use soap or shampoo bars on our hair. For the most part, it's handcrafted soap made the "old fashion" cold process way--lye is used to saponify oils and the resulting product is soap. Jillipoo interviewed me about my use of soap bars for the Daily Curl blog. Here's the link through

The soap bars have more oil then the shampoo bars. I can't use castor oil on my hair, so am very picky about ingredients.
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