Alagio curl balm usage question

I just got this, and had originally been planning to try it under a gel, as a curl cream. However, I see the description on the tube says that it has a "strong hold".

For those that use the Alagio curl balm, do you find that it has enough hold on its own? Or are you layering it under a gel even though it's supposed to be "strong hold". If you're using a gel on top - what works well with it? I have BRHG, Fuzzy Duck, Curlisto, Ouidad Tress FX, Aura Hypo-Allergenic and I also just got the Alagio Citrus Boost Thick Gel (haven't tried it yet).

(sorry, for so many questions)

I like a lot of hold. My hair does better if it dries crunchy and then I scrunch it out. If it doesn't dry with some crunch, I'll never make it through the day w/o frizz and puffiness!

My hair is 3a/3b, fine but plenty of it, and short.

Thanks for the help!
Hmmm I have 3a but it's almost shoulder length now, so when I used it did not have enough *curling ehancer* on its own (my hair is very heavy - it is fine, but there is a LOT of it). It does dry crunchy, though. I found that I had to use it as a "finishing" touch to *hold* my curls once I got them defined. I found that the hold was fairly strong, but by the end of the day my hair drooped.

All in all, I was really unhappy with this product. It also really dried out my hair - if you are protein sensitive use it sparingly.
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I don't get much curl enhancement from it, but I've had pretty good luck putting it on top of Fuzzy Duck gel. I still need a bit more hold (i like crunch) so I'll sometimes mix the FD with some BRHG or HESMU to get that.
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