Really liking Ouidad, again

I just got back into wearing my hair curly again after about 3 months of straightening. I started using my Ouidad botanical boost as a leave in after shampooing/conditioning (not with Ouidad) then using climate control gel. Great results! No crunch!
2B/2C wavy
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I just got the climate control gel yesterday and despite the cone, I love it. I'll just have to rotate it and use a poo to get it out.
Katina, 3a redhead with spirals/waves
My Faves:
CJ CCCC Lite, Mirracurls gel, Marie Dean Curly Styling Cream
This combo (BB spray + CC gel) was my HG combo last summer. The only variant was that sometimes I added a heavier leave-in for more moisture. It did a pretty good job of controlling frizz.

It's good to know it still works...
hair type: 2B/3A
low poo: Elucence moisture; Elucence clarifying (after swimming)
condish: CJ smoothing; CJ argan; CJ repair me; CJ curl rehab
winter/spring styling: CJ Beauticurls leave-in + Curly Kinks coil jam + Ouidad mongongo oil; or CJ leave-in + SpiralSolutions CEJ & FHG
summer/fall styling: CJ CCCC lite + CIAB + Curl Queen pw = 3ahair

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