Review of Devacurl Mirror curls

I've carried it with me too! I feel silly, but if I leave the house before I'm fully dry and SOTC'd, I can SOTC once I get where I'm going. I can also touch up during the day if it's in my purse.
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I'm not sure what I have in terms of curls but it's coarse and curly and tends to be very dry. I tried mirror curls and a couple of drops after using devacare conditioner and some as a leave in.. don't buy heaven when you can use regular conditioner as a leave in, then I use aveda styling foam which I'd like to elimatate at some point, then the arc angell and then a couple of drops of the mirror curls. Yes, the mirror curls is a great final step that does take away the frizzies... Girls.. you can buy this for 14.00 on Amazon!!!! Of course you will pay for shipping but if you buy enough things, you'll end up saving.
I bought DC Mirror Curls at Ulta at the recommendation of a stylist who worked there. I am a combo 3a on top w/A LOT of 3b underneath and have been NC for 6 wks now.

Any whooooo.... I put it away after one use because it seemed terribly greasy and the scent was awful IMHO. I pulled it out again recently and used a couple of drops on semi-dried hair vs 2-3 pumps like the directions say. I do like the results using the lesser amount, but still nauseated by the scent.
I really was not that crazy about this product, especially for the price....but maybe I am using it wrong???I think I used too much. Will dig it out of the back of my closet and revisit....
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The first time I used this product, I used a full pump on my super thick hair. It left my hair producty and greasy-looking. Tried it again and used two drops, which gave me nice second day hair and a lovely shine. Smells good too. All in all though, not worth the $29.95 price tag. (I live in Canada.)
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I've using deva curl for about 3 months and I love it. I use the no-poo, one condition and the arc-angel. I have 3a sometimes 3b hair and I have hit a new road block. While deva curl makes my curls look amazing, I would like them to be more shiny. I have dirty blond/light brown hair that hits the bottom of my chest when loose. My hair doesn't tend to get greasy unless I play with my scalp excessively. Every serum I've tried makes my hair brittle, dry or tangled without a touch of any shine. WHAT DO I USE!!!
I was thinking about using morracan oil next but I'm not to sure....Any suggestions?
I bought MirrorCurls recently and Im still on the fence about it. I definitely do not like how it makes my hair feel...its kind of greasy feeling, even more so than a silicone....but I have always felt like you shouldnt be touching your curls anyway. I think I am using too much, according to previous posts on here.
The smell doesnt bother me. I tried it on my 3 year old today, with her super curly angel fluff of a was ok. It is not the same as a silicone, which is the effect I am looking for.
It is expensive at 25 for the small bottle, but it seems like it would last a long time. I dont think I would buy it again, but I will continue experimenting with it.
I love Mirror Curls. Like others, I wasn't a fan of the scent, but it dries down pretty. I find that you have to use it on dry hair only, as a finishing product. Use it on wet hair, and your hair will never dry! It gives my hair shine and hold, taking away the frizz, too. I re-apply it over the course of the day without getting greasy. I have 3A/3B dry hair, and I think it's suitable for 3A's and up.

Already I am ready for a second bottle!

My routine:

Cleanser: DevaCurl NoPoo
Condition: DevaCurl One Condition
Producti: DevaCurl Styling Cream
Gel: DevaCurl AnGel over Styling Cream
Product: DevaCurl Set It Free over AnGel
Product: DevaCurl Mirror Curls once dry

When I want tighter curls, I will replace the Styling Cream with B'Leave In.

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