Ecostyler Krystal Styling Gel Product Review

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Bumping for favorite combos!!!
I'm going to revisit this gel again this week. If I remember correctly, my favorite combo was;

Leave-in+FSG+Ecostyler (OO)+ Gel-les'C (just a dab)

I will try some of the other mentioned combos in here too.
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I've been thinking about trying this gel for a while soooo I was excited I find it on sale at Sally's for under $3 (35 oz of it!!).

It does have a strange consistency lol so thick and gloopy I was worried what it would do to my hair. I have fine 3b strands and when I put it on my wet hair it seemed to pull it completely straight (I was very worried that when I took it out of plopping it would be spiked it something). Anyways, it turned out to be amazing! I plopped for 10 and than defused for about 10 minutes (I don't usually difuse in the summer but I think I put too much of the gel in cause it was still wet).

It turned out great all day. Slightly crunchy but I crunched it out and silk had shiny bouncy curls. To top it of (and this is the selling point for me) I woke up with 2nd day hair! I NEVER get 2nd day hair (my curls always get crushed when I sleep). Sooo yeah. Super happy
I just read through this whole thing and I want to try all the different ways of using the eco styler. I really think I need to add water when I apply it. When i applied it this morning my hair was totally straw-like, I scrunched and air dried, then sotc and my hair looks very nice and is quite soft. I might try to mix a little of the gel with some water in a spray bottle and see if that helps. I want something easy so I'm not applying 10 different concoctions to my hair everyday.

I shampoo, condition, rinse, put in a leave in. Then typically I scrunch out some water then apply gel- but now I might try applying the gel while my hair is soaking wet then scrunch out some water.

Hopefully it helps!

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