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kathymack 01-15-2010 07:50 AM

Botanical Spirits
Searched and didn't find much about this line, so I'm starting a new thread. Ordered these products less then two weeks ago. I was going to discuss problems with the website and the high cost of shipping, but it looks like both have changed. The website is: Owner is Redgine Armand.

I emailed a question about what strength to choose in the Magic Curls Puree--and got an immediate answer (regular.) The site wouldn't let me "add to a cart," and the shipping for my products would have been $40+! Emailed about that and site was corrected. Even so, the shipping total was $23+, so I emailed about flat rate shipping box for $10+ that includes confirmation. Was told that it's a business and I would be refunded my excess. Shipping was $18.30. When I saw the new site, I "tested" my order--and if I ordered today, the shipping would be $6.90. Turns out it's all shipping for a flat rate. Not happy with the difference. The above included insurance and signature--which most companies don't use. That added a lot. I will add that the free samples (which added $2 each to shipping, so I didn't order) were almost out. Since I ordered a lot, Redgine graciously included trial size of samples I wanted and two free samples.

However, the products I've used are great. They don't appear to be scented, so smell "herby." Not bad, but not good either. The products all seem to have herbal infusions as a base and what looks like a copyrighted herbal extract added.

Soft Curl Creme--I used this as a leave in the first day with the Puree. I had done runnerchicki's PT the day before without a DT. My hair looked incredible, it felt a little hard. Don't know if it was the PT, or if it wasn't enough moisture for that cold, dry day. If anyone has done a clay detox--it felt like that. Could be the herbs, too. Would definitely try again because I think it was the PT.

Magic Curls Puree--comes in different strengths. As I said above, I got the regular. It came in a pump bottle, but website now shows it in a jar--don't know if it changed. I've been using a lot of jelly type products and this is as good as any I'm currently using. Directions say that it can be a "stand alone" product, but it's cold and dry here--maybe in the summer. Curls are tight and volume is good with both products with which I've paired it.

Kinky Coils Pudding--should have used this on Tuesday when dewpoints were lower! I used it this morning with the Magic Curls Puree and my hair looks great. Not quite dry, but really nice.

Looks like Redgine already corrected the things I would have listed as "cons"--website and excessive postage. Obviously, she listens. I'll be curious to know what others think of these products--or if anyone has used them. I know I've seen the Kinky Coils Pudding in comments by SBB.

FrizzBgone 01-18-2010 11:12 PM

Thanks Kathymack- I love the detailed reviews and application tips !!

I'm really looking forward to trying this stuff .... If any of you try, please post your opinions and how you used it !!!

Cerendipity 01-20-2010 07:36 AM

I like everything so far. I purchased SugarCane Sample shampoo, Peppermint Mud Hair Mask, Curl Tamer & Deep conditioner, Kinks coils Pudding, Soft curls Creme, Magic Curls Puree ( Regular and Extra Strength), Hemp Shea Glaze

The peppermint mud hair mask tingled very nice. I left it in for 30 minutes and then rinsed out . I applied the Soft curls creme in and then raked in some Magic Curls Puree. My curls clumped nicely but a little crunchy. After it dried I applied a little pomade to get the crunch out.

So far I think I will repurchase the Kinks Coils Pudding.

The curl Tamer conditioner is thick and very stiff. It adds weight to the hair as you apply it but rinses out smoothly.

shortstack 01-21-2010 12:09 PM

Thanks for posting this Kathy. I usually like what you like, and the ingredients on these look great. Have you been using the pudding and puree together as a rule or do you think puree would stand alone with another leave in?

kathymack 01-21-2010 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by shortstack (Post 1232326)
Thanks for posting this Kathy. I usually like what you like, and the ingredients on these look great. Have you been using the pudding and puree together as a rule or do you think puree would stand alone with another leave in?

Hate to admit, I have so many things to try that I hadn't used the Botanical Spirits again until today. I used the Puree with Jasmines Shea Butter Con as my leave in. My hair looked good, but was still a little "dry." I played Mah Jongg with some new people--and they were all asking me about my hair (and I didn't think it was fabulous.) We're all our own worst critics! Next time I use it, I'll try it with the Jasmines Babassu Butter Con or shescentit Coco Creme LI.

I also should try her pudding with some other products.

Suburbanbushbabe 01-21-2010 05:11 PM

I met Redgine as she lives in my town; she did an informative presentation at a meetup. When I ordered a full size Kinky Coils Pudding I also got rather high shipping and e-mailed her. She corrected it immediately and I actually ended up paying nothing for shipping.

I love the Kinky Coils pudding. I use it primarily to saturate my ends when I dry twist, as I need a product with some hold on my ends (I use Set it Free on the length). I've tried it also on wet hair and still working on it.

I tried the Magic Puree and the Soft Curl Cream together, which is what Redgine recommends. It gave me good curls, but for my hair it wasn't that great a combo. It felt a little hard. It may be different for other heads.

The one product I wanted to try very badly, Peppermint mud mask, Redgine suggested I not use because of my white silver hair.

Redgine's day job is a chemist in one of the Boston firms.

kathymack 01-22-2010 08:33 AM

Not sure what it is, but the products feel "hard" on my hair, too. But I get really tight curls from them. I just started to have them "play" with other lines. So many products, too little time, LOL!

FrizzBgone 01-26-2010 05:23 PM

Still undecided ....
I tried Botanical Spirits this morning. I wanted to try the Soft Curls Creme, but unfortunately the fragrance she used KILLS me. I don't like floral fragrances. Some I can get away with (just not like), but others give me pains in my head as soon as I smell them. Unfortunately, the Soft Curls Creme fell into that category. As soon as I put my nose to the bottle, my head started to ache .. wasn't about to put it in my hair ... so unfortunately, I can't review this at all ... other than to say - scent is definitely floral :(

I tried the Magic Curls Puree (Regular Strength). This smells really good. It reminded me of the smell of the DM Aloe & Honey Jelly. To me it smells like honey and fruit - very mild and nice.

How I used it:
  • Jasmines BCLI
  • Magic Curls Puree (regular) finger combed through and then scrunched with a Curls Like Us Cloth
  • Plopped using Curlease towel
  • Scrunched in small amount of Mop Top gel.
  • It was snowing and windy here this morning, so I also used a small amount of Curls Gel-les'c. I always use this on potential frizz days.
  • Clipped
  • Diffused
  • SOTC using Oyin's Whipped Pudding.
My hair curled really nicely. While it took a little longer than some products to dry, it wasn't too bad (still much faster that KCCC to dry). My hair did dry crunchy, but that wasn't anything different than I normally get. I only diffuse until the curls form and then let it dry on its own the rest of the way. What was a little out of the ordinary is that normally when I SOTC with Oyin's Whipped Pudding, it dissolves ALL crunch and makes my hair nice soft.

It took a long time for the stiff/hard feeling of my hair to go away. I was afraid to man-handle it too much, so I SOTC and then left it alone for a couple of hours. While it didn't look crunchy, it still had that harder product feel. I used some more Oyin's Whipped Pudding after lunch and really scrunched it in. It got rid of the remaining stiffness, but my hair still feels a little off.

It looks good - lots of defined curls, volume and no frizz ... but it also feels a little dry and stiff. I don't think it is a permanent dryness; I suspect it is the way the product holds. I'll update my post tomorrow if my hair doesn't feel right after I wash it tomorrow.

This is one of these products that I'm not sure on yet ... Based on appearance, it looks great .... But .... my hair doesn't feel as nice as it does when I use DOC, Darcy's Curling Jelly or DM's Miracurl.

Jury's still out on this one.

kathymack 01-26-2010 06:00 PM

That's exactly how I felt. My hair looked incredible, but wasn't soft as I've become accustomed to of late. Don't worry, it rinses out with water, you won't have any issues there.

kathymack 01-27-2010 07:13 AM

Used the Soft Curls Creme as my leave in and the Kinky Coils Pudding as my curl enhancer topped with the EW Aloe Jelly. No hard hair today, just tight, soft beautiful curls with no frizz at all. Hair is soft with no scrunching needed. When it's completely dry, I'll loosen it from my scalp. Volume is fine, but will get better once I do the loosening.

I really don't notice any fragrance with these products--very light. It smells like "ingredients" to me.

Essence 01-28-2010 06:06 PM

She has new products:

Milk & Honey Curls Quencher
SugarCane Herbal Clarifying Conditioner
Avocado Coconut Milk Butter
Henna Keratin Cleansing Smoothie

that Avocado butter looks soooo good.

FrizzBgone 01-29-2010 06:02 PM

Jury's Back .... Awesome hair !!!
I decided to give these products another try. My hair is so much better this time. I have tons of well defined, frizz free and SOFT curls. It doesn't feel stiff at all; completely different than my first attempt with these products. I did use them a little differently this time.

Sugar Cane Shampoo:
Very mild fragrance. Although it says it is a clarifying shampoo, it seemed to be very gentle. My hair felt nice and clean without feeling dry and stripped.

I used another conditioner ... didn't have a Botanical Spirits one on hand ...

Soft Curls Creme:
I was afraid to try this because of the fragrance. When I smelled it this morning, it didn't seem to bad ... must have been having a sensitive day when I smelled it before. It worked really well. I didn't need a lot. It has great slip. My hair started curling as soon as I put it in.

Magic Curls Puree (Regular Strength):
As before, I finger combed it through and then scrunched it. I didn't use as much as I did last time.

I then scrunched in a small amount of gel ... If you don't need a lot of hold, you may not need any gel with this product. It definitely has some hold on its own.

Plopped with a Curlease towel, clipped and diffused.

Kinky Coils Pudding:
My hair was still damp, but the curls were all formed. I had finished diffusing. I scrunched (gently) some of the Pudding into my hair. It worked like a charm. I didn't end up with any frizz and my hair dried with very little crunch.

This line is showing really promise for me. They are definitely high quality and reasonabley priced. If you're looking to try yet another new product right now, this one is definitely one worth trying !!

KeyAnne 01-31-2010 12:31 PM

Stumbled upon by accident
I stumble upon this product line on the internet by accident and since I was looking for a high quality product line which they seemed I decided to purchase one of the bundle packs; Curls Trio (Soft Curls Creme, Magic Curls Puree, Hydrating Curls Spritz). well let me say I wasn't disappointed.

I used them in this order. After washing my hair I applied;
  1. The soft curls creme while in the shower (nice slip and shine)
  2. Then part my hair in sections and applied the Curls Puree (extra because I like my curls with an extra hold)
  3. Then a little bit of the Spritz
Once my hair was completely dry it looked incredible nicely defined curls with no frizz and nice shine. it was a bit crunchy but that just the hold of the product which was completely gone after I spray a bit of the hydrating Curls Spirtz on top.

So far so good! I will most likely purchase that set again and maybe try some of the other products they have

Chelley Mae 04-01-2010 01:13 PM

I just wanted to give my 2 cents on these products. I just tried 2 today.

I used the kinky coils pudding as a leave in, as I didn't want hard hair as some described here. Then I used the Magic Curls Puree as a curl cream/enhancer, and topped it with a smidge of KMS cranberry gel.

I def didn't need the gel, I think the puree has quite a bit of hold on it's own. I will try it again without. But I will say, my hair felt very odd...stiffish when i was applying the puree....I was a little leary because of this but then i continued to comb it all in and scrunch upside down, clip and diffuse. My hair was quite crunchy but I could scrunch it out fairly easily. I can tell you though, this stuff made my hair VERY curly and voluminous. This held up through being pineappled and sweated on during my workout at the gym at lunch, which sometimes causes my hair to get frizzy and undefined. I like this stuff so far.

Now I just have to experiment to see which of the products is giving me the curl and/ or volume.

FrizzBgone 04-02-2010 08:18 PM

The first couple of times I used the Botanical Spirits, my hair looked great but felt odd as well. When I tweaked the way I applied it, I completely eliminated the odd, stiff feeling that it had before.

I used the Soft Curls LI followed by the Magic Curls Puree and a very small amount of gel. After plopping, I clipped and diffused my hair for a few minutes - just until it was no longer dripping and felt a little stiff. I then scrunched in some of the pudding - not very much ... and continued diffusing.

This completely eliminated the stiff feeling that it had before, but my hair looked just as good. My curls held up all day and my hair felt wonderful.

kathymack 04-12-2010 06:19 PM

Finally got these products to work for me--after consultation with FBG! Thanks so much. I used the Soft Curls LI and Puree followed up with a little CJ CIAB. I can't handle my hair after I start to dry (FRIZZ!), so I scrunched in a little of the pudding before I started to dry (including CLU cloth.) My hair was nice enough that I even got compliments after sitting out in the wind for dinner on my neighbor's deck. If I did second day hair, I could have this morning.

Suburbanbushbabe 04-12-2010 08:30 PM

I used the Kinky Coils Pudding over a conditioner (EO Rose Chamomile + Abba Pure Gentle) that I left in and this worked great. No stiffness and I got multiple day hair. I also can use the KC pudding to smooth dry frizzy ends on day 2 or 3.

curlygirlyme 04-21-2010 02:27 PM

I ordered the Magic Curls Puree in Regular. I washed with Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioned with DE Coconut Conditioner. Then left in Alba Leave in Conditioner with a little bit of Shea M. Then I added Flaxseed gel mixed with MCP. When I got up this morning my hair was still wet and it felt like I didn't use enough so I added more. Well it was a little too much and my hair is a little hard. Next time I'll use less but I really like it. My curls look awesome. I got good clumps but not huge ones and definition was good too.

Essence 04-21-2010 05:32 PM

Anyone try the Avocado coconut milk butter or the deep conditioners?

Naturalista 06-02-2010 06:03 AM

Any updates?
It's been a minute so I wanted to see if this line actually stuck to anyone.

Anyone still like this line or still using it? If so, what combos/products actually ended up working for you?

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