Don't bother with Vitamin Shoppe Conditioner

Water, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Root Extract, Symphytum Officinate Root Extract, Prunus Serotina (Wild Cherry) Bark Extract, Arctium Lappa Root Extract, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Centipedia Cunninghamii Extract, Methyl Paraben, Fragrance.

Well, don't bother. It's horrible. Shoot, it's worse than horrible. Offered NO slip and NO conditioning what-so-ever! NONE! How does a "conditioner" NOT offer conditioning? At first I thought my hair was just drinking it up. Boy was I wrong. It's like I couldn't even feel it in my hair. And that never got better. I've used conditioners where eventually there was enough. I kept adding more and more. Until I finally decided enough was enough. The worst part about it, is it was the only conditioner I had in the shower with me. sad20gif
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What was the name of it or is that the name? I've seen some brand they carry that has several different conditioners. I tried the volume one and it was so freaking thick! I've wanted to try some others but have so many conditioners in my bathroom closet already in waiting!

I can't remember the exact name of the conditioners, though. So I didn't know if Vitamin Shoppe Conditioner was the exact name or not.
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It might have something to do with the wax at the very top of the ingredients list. It's extremely hard to get out, and it sort of just sits where you put it IMO. I once used conditioner with emulsifying wax (a few years ago) and the conditioner felt horrible on my head. That's probably a big reason why this might not have worked for you.
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Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I used the Herbal Everyday formula. It's the brown one.

Thank you LCL, I'll look out for that next time I'm shopping for conditioners. Would it be okay if it were towards the bottom of the list?
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Thanks for the name . It wasn't the one I used. I'll have to write it down next time I go there to see what I used .
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Products: The hair aisle in my own cabinets.
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they might have a guarantee on the product so you can get your money back? i dont know how much it cost but you might as well use that money to buy another hair product lol
I found this and although it's months old I wanted to clarify that vegetable emulsifying wax is NOT like other waxes and actually can help hair be very soft and frizz free.

A couple of years ago there were several users of I believe Jason's COs which have VEW and no one complained of build-up or anything like that, to the contrary there was one member I think nicknamed "westcoastwaves" that was totally in love with hers and posted pics and all.

So one ingredient cannot always be blamed, the synergistic effect of all the ingredients in the formula has to be taken into account and, frankly, that label lacks ingredients that could integrate what few there are to work in an effective way.
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