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Could anyone share with me what hand mixer they use for their whipped butters, shealoe, etc?

I have been looking for a new mixer I could use separately for whipping my own products, but have been disappointed to find that all the mixers I have seen have cheap chrome-plated beaters or those little thin whisk-type beaters. Do those work? Does anyone have a suggestion about which brands hold up best? I am reading awful reviews about the ones easily available on the ground but am hesitant to buy a more expensive one sight-unseen.
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kitchen aid! I use the stand mixer for my whipped butters and I use the immersion blender for lotions and conditioners
I haven't been making for own products for long but I've been using a the cheap ($ whisk hand mixer. No problems
i use a cheap hand mixer i got from walmart for maybe $5 for whipping butters. i use my trusty old stick blender i also got from walmart for lotions (and soap). i've had my stick blender for about 8 years and it's still going strong, and it has had plenty of use. i paid less than $20 for it.
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Currently using: AO HSR & GPB conditioners, Vatika Oil, SheaMoisture, homemade African Black Soap shampoo & hair lotion. me a dummy but I'm new @ experimenting with making my own products and did not know you needed two different blenders to mix or make butters and lotions...why? Because of the different consistencies? Are lotions or butters harder to mix or which SHOULD be thicker? What is a stick blender?
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lotions and soaps don't need to be whipped, so I use a stick (or immersion blender for my lotions and conditioners). I use my stand mixer to whip butter because I can just leave it and it does what it does

this is my immersion blender (love it!)

you also don't need different blenders. I just have two and it's a preference. Also an immersion blender is great for small batches. And the kitchen aid one also has a whisk which is pretty sturdy and can whip butters. Hamilton beach has a stick blender with a whisk, but it's kinda flimsy IMO

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Thanks so much coilynapp. I think I will benefit more from the stick blender right now, seeing as I will start with small batches. Is it more difficult to whip by hand? About how long is the whipping process to make butters?
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It's not difficult to whip butters. A hand mixer will do just fine. I like my stand mixer for that so that I can just leave it running for minutes at a time and don't have to do anything--and I can make other stuff at the same time

But I love my stick blender. It's very easy and convenient
Thank you ladies very much or your responses. I was just worriesd that the little whisk beaters on the Kitchen Aid would not hold up. And the other brands have chrome-PLATED beaters so I am not trying to have little chrome flakes all over the place.

I wanted a separate one from my kitchen use just because I am not trying to whip up cookies with the same appliance I use for my hair products. I have an old Sunbeam Mixmaster which was handed down from my great-aunt and I am not trying to mess it up experimenting with hair products. It has those old, thick, stainless steel beaters which are good for anything. I was surprised when I started looking for a new mixer that chrome-plating and those wimpy-looking whisk beaters are the new thing. And what with the under-200-watt motors?!?

I found a morhpy and richards hand mixer with a 300-watt motor and stainless steel beaters at an outlet store. Looking forward to trying it out. If it doesn't work, I will suck it up and buy a Kitchen Aid, wimpy beaters and all. That's the brand of stand mixer I have, so I will bite the bullet. Let's hope the morphy and richards holds up lol!
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