How do you dilute rosemary oil for hair?

I bought rosemary and jojoba oil. I heard those two work together. I plan on using them after I wash and condition my hair. On the back of the rosemary oil bottle it says to dilute. So how many of drops should I use of rosemary and jojoba oil?
I'm assuming you bought rosemary essential oil. If so, the safe dilution to use is 2.5%. So to each 1oz of jojoba (or any carrier oil) you may safely add a maximum of 15 drops of the essential oil. BTW 2 tablespoons = 1oz. Since you probably don't want to use that much oil on your head every time, its best to store the mixture in a dark glass bottle. EOs can eat through plastic over time. HTH
Thank you. I will try it out tomorrow.
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