How much mag. sulfate in FSG


Tonight I will be making my first batch of FSG. I would also like to ad some magnesium sulfate. Can anyone tell how much I should use?

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i put in a small pinch
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I would start out with a minimal amount and see how it affects your hair and go from there. As suggested already, a pinch would be good to start out with. I usually don't use much more than that even in a large batch of FSG. HTH.
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I personally like a lot compared to most. For every 1C water and 1/4C flax seeds I use 1 heaping tsp of mag sulfate. But I started out by using about 1/4 tsp and working my way up to make sure my hair was ok with it. I also add lots of other moisturizing ingredients, so maybe thats why I can get away with using so much.

Have fun tonight!
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I just made a batch of FSG and included mag sulfate. I'm loving the results; however, my bottle of FSG now pops/ explodes every time I open it. I'm not sure if this is from the mag sulfate, or from the citric acid (I added both for the first time). Anyone else have this problem. I can't seem to find anything else about anyone's FSG being under pressure.

Also, slightly off topic, but it seems to be going bad after only a week... And this is with citric acid. What I was making before would last at least two, and that was with no preservatives. Any advice? Does grapefruit seed extract make it last longer?

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