Can You Use Flavor Oil In Hair Products?

I ordered some oils from Camden Grey, one of which is a vanilla flavor oil. I just wanted to know if I can use it in my hair mixes for scent (in small quantities, of course), or if that's not appropriate. I assume it's made for consumption, so can it "spoil" my mixture? Thanks!
Ξ 4a/3c Ξ Normal porosity Ξ High density Ξ Medium-Coarse Ξ
Yeah, you can use flavor oils, no problem. Interesting to note, flavor oils don't actually taste like things like vanilla, they smell like them. They're basically food-safe fragrance oils. When you add a sweetener to your product with the flavor oil the scent and sweetness trick your mind into thinking it's tasting something.
Thanks so much for the fast reply! I didn't know all that about flavor oils, but it's good to know! Can't wait to try it out. Thanks again
Ξ 4a/3c Ξ Normal porosity Ξ High density Ξ Medium-Coarse Ξ

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