Oily DT = Awesome Hair

My hair has been really sad looking lately, the curls have been really droopy and elongated. I've been more wavy than curly for the past couple weeks and I was starting to get concerned that even shoulder length was too long for my hair to maintain curl. The more I thought about it the more convinced I was that it was really a matter of moisture. Turns out, I was right!

I know some ladies that hang out at The Long Hair Community probably already know about the SMT (Snowymoon's Moisture Treatment). For those that don't, here is the recipe:

4 parts conditioner (cone free)
1 part honey
1 part aloe vera gel
Mix, then microwave 10-20 seconds or until warm (not hot).

Another poster on TLHC mentioned that the original recipe weighs her hair down, so she experimented with oils and found it worked for her. All she did was exchange the conditioner for oils, all measurements stayed the same. I tried it last night and got amazing (to me) results.

I mixed up 1T each of honey & AVG then microwaved it for 20 seconds. I added 2T of coconut oil, 1T of extra virgin olive oil and 1T of safflower oil. By this point the honey and AVG had cooled and started to separate so I nuked it for 10 more seconds. Then, I applied to slightly damp hair by repeatedly coating my hands wih the oil and raking them through my hair. Once coated, I wrapped my hair up in Saran wrap and covered with a flour sack towel. It sat in my hair for 2.5-3 hours before I rinsed. I helped it dry a little by lightly diffusing (mostly because I was afraid of having oil still in my hair) and, boy, was I surprised to see my curls completely revitalized! They are soft, shiny and bouncy!

This recipe is definitely a hit for me and I hope someone else will have similar results!

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