View Poll Results: When do you normally do a DT
Before a shower 5 83.33%
After a shower 1 16.67%
Second day 0 0%
Voters: 6. You may not vote on this poll

When to do a DT

when do you normally do your weekly DT.

I'm usually too lazy to get in the shower first to wet my hair and then again to wash out the DT, so a squirt bottle is my friend. I shower after DT (which usually coincides with walking on the treadmill, so all the more reason for me to shower after DT).
Location: Texas
Type: 3b/3c (i), below shoulder length.
CO wash: A-O GPB LYY, Desert Essence Coconut, Oribe Silverati
Leave-ins: Curl Junkie Beauti-Curls, KCKT, cno overnight
Styling: BRHG, MGA Sculpting Gel, A-O Mandarin Magic Gel, LOTD AVG, LALSG, CJ Pattern Pusha
DT: Curl Junkie Deep Fix, Briogeo Don't Despair Repair!

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