There are very few products I can use on my hair. I have super senitive skin and as a result I read lables thouroughly. I have been reading homemade recipies with much interest and I got inspired.

This morning after shower, while hair was wet, I mixed in a small bowl:
a bit of aloe juice maybe 1 1/2 TBS
a wee bit of vegtable glycerine
and a smidge (less than a drop) of lavender essential oil.

The consistency was watery and clear with just a bit of sheen for the oil on top. I just pour a little into my palms and rubed my hands together and sort of patted to apply. Its great.

I dont have exact measures (I cook this way too) but if you are daring, have a go at it.

Lisa -

3B can braid to relax into 2b or diffuse into 3A. I confess I have 3C envy :-) Chin length weighed down by product - using Pureology Hydrate condish, home made brews and on occasion Redken Fresh Curls