Homemade hair spray using Lemons/Oranges

Homemade Hair Spray Recipe

Has anyone ever tried this?? I've used it a few times and I really like it, I used orange because lemon might alter my brown haircolor plus lemon is more drying. I did NOT use alcohol I'd rather store it in the fridge and pitch it after a week. If you want more crunch you can add a pinch of sugar or if you want less sticky add more water to suit your taste.
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This sounds cool! I might try it one of these times. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes!
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I've also heard witch hazel can be used for a light hold.
Though I'm unsure of the exact balance of witch hazel to water (if any at all).
Just cooking this up, as I type. Smells delicious! My whole house smells of oranges (using orange, since I don't want to lighten my hair). Wonder how much hold this will give. Will not be adding alcohol.

Even if this doesn't work, it's a great way to get your house smelling nice, I might do it again just for that!

I'll report back after I've used it.
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