The oil Cleansing Method!

Does it REALLY work?!
If so, can i use just olive oil by it self?

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I know for me it has really helped. I use to use proactiv, but it really tried out my skin and was breaking the bank. a few months ago i tried the ocm. it my skin is much better. not 100% clear, but a gaint difference. i have oily skin so i started off with about 80% castor oil and 20% jojoba oil. i then added a few drops or tea tree oil. i also add a drop of tea tree oil as a spot treatment. now thats it's winter and my skin is a little drier. i use a 50/50 mix.

I like it. I have never had a serious skin problem but my once a month chin pimples have gone away. I also notice that my end of the day shine is gone

I stopped mixing the olive oil with castor oil because my skin was actually drying out. Now I just use olive, jojoba or coconut oil.
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I guess i am just average go figure.
Castor Oil is supposed to be what actually cleanses your skin.. you could try just olive oil but if it doesnt work then id add the castor. I have acne so I use castor and grapeseed, I love it. I also moisturize with oil, and oddly my skin is actually less oily now. My skin is clear and any bumps ill get now are very small and go away quickly, im very happy with it. has a great post and youtube video on it. She also has some tips if its not working for you.
While i don't have acne or skin problems i still tried this method and OMG it made my skin unbelievably soft! I most definitely recommend it! It's great for removing make up and it really improves the appearance of the skin.
I ouldn't recommend doing it every day if you have sensitive skin though, i only do it 2 or 3 times a week.
I mix 40% castor oil, 30% olive oil, 30% grapeseed oil.
I also tone with ACV and it works fantastic!

Reeky, don't even get me started on Moptop Maven... I don't want to call her names in public but i totally boycott her now. She does have great tips on her website but she should work on her customer service for her shop because she really sucks at it!
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