My mom got me the tresemme curls condish for me which contains cones and it was on clearance so it can't be returned or exchanged and she said I have to use all of it before getting another condish but I'm a cg. I'm allowing myself to use this one condish just so I can buy another one that is cone free, but in the meantime I do not want to use a sulfate shampoo just to remove buildup so is there anything I can mix with my lowpoo (sheamoisture curl&shine) to clarify my scalp or a recipe I can use in place of a shampoo?
Ace is the name! Only 12 but already hair(&product) obsessed.
3a curls | filipino | very dark brunette
every 2-3 days - SM C&S lowpoo
co-wash - DC OC; SM RSB; TresNaturals Moist.; Vo5 S&C
styling - B&B CCC; CURLS GoddessC; DC ArcAG

drying - (I always scrunch with towel) air dry; microfiber or 100% cotton towel; bowl diffuser (sometimes pixiecurl)
DT once a month - SM DTM
CG since Nov.2010