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Hello Naturally Curlies, i need some help, as i always do in all my post and plz help me with my other post too, that would be helpful!
Well i have been around the website and seen some recipes to help the hair and all, but i wanted to know what you use for your hair and to keep it healthy and all that... so plz help....
3c/4a hair
about collar bone or a little above it
dry and frizzy
Using Curly Hair Solution
Going to start the CG Method in a little!
(Hopefully will work!!)
I apply almond oil on my scalp and hair one hour before washing.
hair care tips
well foremost i don't put any type of heat in my hair, what so ever. i don't even own a blow dryer. I sleep on a satin pillow case or wrap my hair in a scarf before bed. I dry my hair with a t-shirt and never comb my hair when wet. I got rid of my brush. i have to change my routine between seasons, so since we are between seasons i am experimenting with what works best for my hair in the summer. i tried a yogurt, honey, jojoba oil PT, but it made my hair frizzy. I'll stick with my regular egg, honey, jojoba oil PT. I no poo once a week and use black soap it i think i need it in between. i use shea moisture condish as a LI aand either jojoba or shea butter as a sealant. tea tree oil to treat my scalp. Henna every few months. KCCC if i wear it out to keep my curls defined. That's about it right now.


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